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If TPU Film is Toxic?


TPU film, the main material is TPU, thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, is a kind of building material, environmental material. Therefore, TPU film is non-toxic.

There are major property of TPU material as below:

1.   High anti-wearing

2.   Wide range of hardness: Different TPU ratio, different hardness The flexibility keeps well following hardness increased.

3.   Strong bearing capacity: TPU material with excellent property of anti-impact and tensile.

4.   Excellent processability: TPU material can be processed by extruding, injection, and calendaring. TPU material can be blend with other composite material, and keep good property.

5.   Cold-resistance: TPU material with low glass-transition temperature until zero 35℃

6.   Anti-corrosion, and anti-bacteria, good regeneration performance.

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