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The Advantage of TPU Film


TPU film material is with high flexibility, great transparency, heat-resistance, and eco-friendly.

Below items are the advantage of TPU film:

1.   Wide range of hardness: Different TPU film hardness is following the change of the ratio of TPU reaction component. TPU film keeps excellent elasticity with the increase of hardness.

2.   High mechanical strength: TPU Film with good bearing capacity, impact-resistance and damping property.

3.   Superior cold-resistance: TPU resin with low glass transition temperature, TPU material keeps superior elasticity and flexibility at -35℃.

4.   Excellent processability: TPU resin material can be processed by extrusion and squeezing etc. Meanwhile, TPU resin material can be blend processed with rubber, plastic, and fiber materials.

5.   TPU film is recycling material.

The above advantage are the reason why TPU film become so popular and approved .

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