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Waterproof Breathable TPU Film


In textile industry, TPU film, is laminated on the base fabric, provide the protection, comfortability and aesthetic for users. Breathable TPU film is a kind of new design polymer plastic film, is extruded by high moisture permeability polyether TPU raw material. The waterproof breathable TPU film plays the function as diaphragm membrane in respiratory system. The water like sweater from body will be diverged and the outside fluid will not penetrated. Nowadays, the breathable TPU film is extend to other fields, medical garment,  protective clothing, sports and outdoor clothing and etc. Requested the TPU film finished products are comfortable and play the function as protective barrier.

The moisture permeability of the breathable TPU film, is much higher than TPU film.

We POLYSAN provide good quality waterproof breathable TPU film in China local market and international market.

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