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PVC Lamp Box Fabric


PVC lamp box fabric, is also named as polyester cloth. The fabric material includes 2 layers PVC film and 1 layer high-intensity grid cloth, The main production technology like blade coating, calendaring, lamination. 

High grade lamp box fabric is with below excellent performance: 

Thickness, tensile strength, ductility, weatherability, light transmittance, flame retardancy, peeling strength, flatness. And well ink absorption, color reducibility is requested for spurt draws. 

The upper PVC film and lower PVC film, and the middle optical fiber is laminated under the pressure of hot roller, and then cooling formed to be lamination lamp box fabric. The lamination technology is widely used for spurt draws, with excellent painting ink absorption, and bright color lustre. This kind of the lamination lamp box fabric will be with bright development following the rising of huge spurt draws.