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The Skill to Select Superior PVC Film


PVC decorative film is popular in our lifetime as light, heat-insulation, heat-preservation, simple construction, how to select high grade PVC decorative film?

1.Feeling: Inferior PVC film is made from ordinary polyester film as substrate, without elasticity and toughness, easy wrinkled. 

2.Tincture: Superior PVC film is made by magnetron sputter process, uniform color, high definition, good permeability; Inferior PVC film is made of dyeing, easy to decolorize. 

3.Definition: The definition is determined by the PVC film substrate and the production process, inferior product will affect the safety because of the dizzy when blur visual effection. 

4. Anti-scratching: Superior film is with anti-scratching layer on the surface, hard to decolorize.

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