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Soft PVC Film and Rigid PVC Film


There are two kind of PVC film: soft PVC film (flexible PVC film) and rigid PVC film. Soft PVC film with superior elongation and tensile strength and freezing resistance, good for printable and sealing, be made to be transparent film. Mostly soft PVC film can not to be food package because of the plasticizer flavor and the migration, except internal plasticization method film. Normally, soft PVC film widely applies to the package of industry product and non-food. 

Rigid PVC film, known as glass paper, high transparency, great toughness and kink stability; with the excellent performance of air tightness, fragrance preservation and moisture proof; good for printable, and to be non-toxic film. Mostly it applies to the kink packing of sweet,textile and clothing package, and the external packing film for cigarette and food. However, because of the poor freezing resistance, and the brittleness of the low temperature, rigid PVC film is not applies to be frozen food package.

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