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The Process and The Application of PVC Vinyl Film


Polyvinyl chloride film belongs to soft/ flexible PVC product. The high molecular weight PVC resin(SG1~SG-4), is extruded by single-screw extruder, and then formed by the process of calendering or blow molding. The PVC film thickness is between 0.08-0.2mm, the PVC sheet thickness of PVC is above 0.25mm. 

POLYSAN PVC soft film, the thickness is between 0.05-3mm. In PVC vinyl film, the main ingredients contain: 40%~70% PVC resin, 10%~50% plasticizer, 1%~10% stabilizer, 1%~30% filler, 1%~10% color master. 

The PVC film is widely application in our society, except traditional normal usage like shrink film, wrapping film, label film, packing film, and agricultural film, it is also widely used in the medical field, like blood bag.

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