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What are the advantages of soft film ceiling

The soft membrane ceiling belongs to the flexible ceiling, which is commonly known as the light membrane. It is mainly made of special PVC, with a thickness of 0.18-0.25mm, light weight and many kinds. So, what are the advantages of soft film ceiling.

1. Fire protection function

The soft film ceiling has good fire protection effect. After the general materials are subject to high temperature or self ignition, the fire and heat will spread to other locations. After the soft film ceiling is self penetrated, it will contract within a few seconds, and it will not release harmful gas or solution drop to hurt human body or property.

2. Energy saving function

Soft film ceiling can reduce the light source. The essence of soft film ceiling is made of PVC material, which can greatly improve the insulation function and reduce the indoor temperature shrinkage.

3. Waterproof function

The soft membrane ceiling is made of PVC material, so it can support sewage after encountering water leakage, so that the owner can make treatment in the first time.

4. Color

The soft film ceiling has various colors, which can provide consumers with more choices.

5. Creativity

Soft film ceiling belongs to soft material, its shape can be confirmed according to the shape of keel, and the shape is more casual and diversified.

6. Convenient installation

The installation of soft membrane ceiling is convenient, and there will be no solvent dissolution in the whole installation process, which will not have a negative impact on other places in the space.

7. Safety and environmental protection

The soft film ceiling conforms to the European and domestic inspection standards, safety and environmental protection, and conforms to the environmental protection theme of today's society.