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About Composite Film in Flexible Packaging


In flexible packaging industry, composite film is also named as laminate film, a kind of polymer material composed of two or more layer of different film materials. The compounding of various base films can be processed by extrusion lamination or adhesive glue lamination, and obtain a comprehensive packaging material that combines the advantages of various films. 

Polyester film has high strength and excellent oil resistance, gas barrier, fragrance and moisture resistance, but poor heat sealing property; Polyethylene PE film has good moisture resistance and heat sealing property, but poor gas barrier property and oil resistance. Polyester film and polyethylene film have their performance defects when used as single plastic packaging film, but combine their advantages well and be an ideal packaging film material when composite together. 

The composite film ensure the safety and avoid sanitation problem caused by the direct contact of ink for food and medicine. The ink on the printing film is sandwiched in the film of the film layers, which is protected from direct friction, scratch and corrosive substances. The composite film technology is also a good solution for the bleeding and fading in plastic printing. 

POLYSAN supplies a variety of high quality composite film, laminate film, such as PE/PVC/EVA/BOPP/CPP/AI/TPU/PET, cellophane, paper and metal foil, providing ideal flexible packaging materials.