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The Advantage of Hotmelt Adhesive Glue Film


In the composite process, a variety of adhesives are used to meet the bonding between leather, textiles, clothing, sponge, paper, metal, PVC and other materials. The traditional liquid glue is thermosetting, which adhesive material need to be baked after manually brushing; the hotmelt adhesive glue film is thermoplastic, be hot pressed after cutting, simple convenient and environmentally friendly.

Compared to traditional glue material, there are some advantage of hotmelt adhesive glue film.

1.    Environmental Friendly

Hotmelt adhesive glue films are colorless and tasteless, eco-friendly, without high concern substances and comply ROHS, Reach certification, be healthy to human body. 

2.    Save Labor in Production

Hotmelt adhesive films adopt thermal bonding or high frequency process, which save lots of manpower and replace the traditional needle and coating process. 

3.    Improve the Product Appearance

Hotmelt adhesive glue film can improve the water seepage of traditional sewing machine and be smoother in terms of shoes and clothing composition.

POLYSAN supplies types of high quality hotmelt adhesive glue film adopt TPU, EVA, PES, PO and PA material for different material bonding.