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About the Waterproof Performance TPU Film Product


TPU film is kind of polymer plastic film with excellent waterproof performance, except good air permeability, wear resistance, and with a wide range of application for industry and lifetime. 


1.     Industrial Product

As the main components of the jacket of cables and wires, TPU has obvious advantage of waterproof and wear resistance, which protect the industrial production from the erosion of harsh external environments, and promote the stable and safe operation. 


2.     Defense Equipment

TPU film is also used in defense products such as aircraft fuel tanks and military water bags. Waterproof TPU plastic film is vacuum formed to be as covering film on the weapon, widely protect the defense equipment from dirty dusty damp and keep longtime service life.


3.     Clothing Product

In the clothing industry, like clothing and shoes products, the waterproof of TPU film is used to improve the waterproof performance and product quality.

High waterproof performance of TPU plastic film is widely used in the production and development of many industries. POLYSAN supplies types of functional TPU film with good quality, for different industry field.