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About Breathable TPU Film


Breathable TPU film is a kind of non-porous film, to achieve air permeability by the soft segment hydrophilic groups of polymer materials, with excellent moisture permeability and air permeability, and excellent bacteria and liquid barrier properties. 


Waterproof breathable TPU film can effectively block CH4 and N2 gases with a diameter of about 0.3nm, and block bacteria (1~10μm) and viruses (20~200nm). 

The protective clothing made of breathable TPU membrane greatly reduce the risk of virus penetration as no pores, and emit steam easily, which is an ideal breathable plastic film membrane for the lamination of textile and fabric materials. 


POLYSAN company supplies excellent durability and tear resistance waterproof breathable TPU film, with low breathable TPU film, medium breathable TPU film and high breathable TPU film, meet different M.V.T.