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What are the uses of polyvinyl chloride film?

Polyvinyl chloride film is generally the most commonly used in electrical applications, namely electrical adhesive tape. According to its characteristics, it can also be used for protective adhesive tape, luggage adhesive tape, identification adhesive tape, advertising tape, pipeline adhesive tape, etc. PVC film is also widely used in daily life, such as shoes, toys, raincoats, tablecloths, umbrellas, agricultural films, etc.



Main products:

A. Ordinary PVC greenhouse film: The film making process does not add anti-aging additives, and the usage period is 4-6 months. It can produce one season of crops and is currently being phased out.

B. PVC anti-aging film: The raw material is added with anti-aging additives and rolled into a film. The effective use period is 8-10 months, and it has good transparency, insulation, and weather resistance.

C. PVC decorative material: It has both anti-aging and dripping characteristics, good transparency and insulation, and can maintain drip-free properties for 4-6 months. Its safe service life can reach 12-18 months, and it is widely used. It is currently the first covering material for the most efficient and energy-saving solar greenhouse.

D. PVC weather resistant drip free dustproof film: In addition to having weather resistant drip characteristics, the surface of the film is treated to reduce the amount of plasticizer precipitation and dust absorption, which improves the transparency and is more beneficial for winter and spring cultivation in solar greenhouses.

E. PVC can also be used as a plastic film, and adding a certain amount of color masterbatch can produce various colored greenhouse films.

F. PVC foil: plastic, metal, transparent film, non paper packaging, plastic packaging, wooden packaging, metal packaging, etc.