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  • Different polymer plastic films have their own unique appearance and touchness, such as gloss, transparency, color tone, strength, smoothness, etc. Usually, we can identify the plastic film from the appearance.


  • Moisture permeable TPU film is an ideal material for the textile industry as its excellent moisture permeability performance. Moisture-permeable TPU film is compounded with the woven base fabric, and acts as a barrier film that can breathe freely. The water vapor produced by the human body can be emitted, but no external liquid can penetrate. The breathable TPU film has 5-6 times of the moisture permeability than ordinary TPU film.


  • Flexible PVC vinyl film, is made from raw material PVC resin and plasticizer.PVC resin is a white or light yellow powder ,density of 1.35-1.45g/cm3, which one is flame retardant. The plasticizers make the flexible PVC film soft and good performance low temperature resistance.


  • The PVC calendering flexible film is made by the calendering process. Calendering process is pass the heated polyvinyl chloride plastic material through one or more oppositely rotating horizontal rollers. The PVC plastic material will become a certain thickness, width and smooth flexible film and sheet after the extrusion and extension in the calandering.


  • Hot-melt adhesive film products are one type of hot-melt adhesive products. Hot-melt adhesives are made into films, and kept the basic characteristics the same hot-melt adhesives. Melting point is one of the parameters of hot melt adhesive film products, which means the hot melt adhesive film will melt at a specific temperature.


  • PVC vinyl sheet is made of polyvinyl chloride raw material, which is polymer material formed by polymerization after a hydrogen atom in ethylene is replaced by chlorine. Anti-UV PVC vinyl sheet has non-flammability, high strength, weather resistance and excellent geometry stability.


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