Company News

  • POLYSAN company will join in All China Leather Exhibition on 29th Aug to 31th Aug 2023.


  • We company POLYSAN, the plastic product thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film obtain OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate. These TPU film have good breathability, water resistance, tear resistance, and are especially skin-friendly, suitable for items that directly contact with the skin of infants and young children under three years old, meets the highest requirements for skin compatibility of the product.


  • On 28th June, we POLYSAN factory finished the production and package of PVC mattress film, flexible normal clear PVC film, blue light, 26000kgs, fresh from the calendering mahchine, delivery to Africa.


  • It is a good news that we Hongyuan Plastic successfully develop new product super clear PVC film 0.05mm, ultra thin. Then we update thickness of super clear PVC film Min 0.05mm, Max 3mm.


  • PVC static glass film is stick by static on the glass or other product surface for the protection. PVC static glass film is ultra thin, high transparency, self-adhesive, small splay mark, and little spherulites. With the performance of high electrostatic resistance, and low-temperature resistance.


  • PVC Film Production Equipment:1. High-speed mixer and cold mixer 2. Extruder 3. Two-roll mill and pressure filter 4. Calender 5. Separation device 6. Film expander device and slow cooling, cooling device 7. Traction and edge cutting device 8. Crimping machine