Company News

  • On 28th June, we POLYSAN factory finished the production and package of PVC mattress film, flexible normal clear PVC film, blue light, 26000kgs, fresh from the calendering mahchine, delivery to Africa.


  • It is a good news that we Hongyuan Plastic successfully develop new product super clear PVC film 0.05mm, ultra thin. Then we update thickness of super clear PVC film Min 0.05mm, Max 3mm.


  • PVC static glass film is stick by static on the glass or other product surface for the protection. PVC static glass film is ultra thin, high transparency, self-adhesive, small splay mark, and little spherulites. With the performance of high electrostatic resistance, and low-temperature resistance.


  • PVC Film Production Equipment:1. High-speed mixer and cold mixer 2. Extruder 3. Two-roll mill and pressure filter 4. Calender 5. Separation device 6. Film expander device and slow cooling, cooling device 7. Traction and edge cutting device 8. Crimping machine


  • The plasticizer in the PVC film is releasing the smell continuously, so it is impossible to clear the smell completely. Odoriferous PVC film is with inferior plasticizer.


  • Heat shrink film is mostly used for the selling and the transportation of various products, plays the function of the fixation, covering and protection. It is excellent performance of puncture resistance, shrinkage and certain shrinkage stress.


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