PVC Film

PVC film is applied to the surface of the board at a high temperature of 110 degrees by a special vacuum film pressing machine, which is not easy to fall off. PVC film has good flexibility, easy to form, not brittle, non-toxic and non-polluting, and has a long storage time. It can be used for surface packaging of various panels, so it is also known as decorative film and adhesive film.

PVC film can be widely used in many industries such as building materials, packaging, medicine, etc. For example, common products include plates, pipes, soles, toys, doors and windows, wire sheaths, stationery, etc.

We produce flexible PVC film: normal clear PVC film, super clear PVC film, embossed PVC film, color PVC film, customized PANTONE color, pattern, hardness 22PHR-60PHR, thickness 0.05mm-3mm, meet the ROHS/REACH/CA65/NON-P/EN71-III/BPA free.

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  • We supply high quality normal clear soft PVC film vinyl sheet for 10 years. We produce normal clear soft PVC film, ultra thin 0.05mm, and laminated Max thickness 2.5mm. We sell normal clear soft PVC film vinyl sheet all over the world. We expect to work with you in near future.

  • We supply high quality normal clear transparent flexible PVC film for years in local and international market. We factory devoted in developing and successfully producing 0.05mm normal clear transparent flexible PVC film. 0.05mm normal clear transparent flexible PVC film is very popular in our life application.

  • We factory is professional in developing and producing 2.5mm normal clear soft plastic PVC film sheet for years. We supply high quality 2.5mm normal clear soft plastic PVC film sheet in China market and international market. We devoted in searching and developing ultra thin 0.05mm, and Max laminated thickness 2.5mm. The calendaring process made normal clear soft plastic PVC film, with high transmittance, strong tensile, good flattening.

  • PVC film, the main material is polyvinyl chloride, colorful, anti-corrosion and durable. We supply high quality non-toxic transparent flexible PVC film in China with qualified plasticizer in the PVC film production. Non-toxic transparent flexible PVC film keeps keep the excellent performance of the inflammability, high tensile endurability to climate, aging and chemical, well stability.

  • Color normal clear transparent soft PVC film is very popular in lifetime. 40% furniture is coated soft PVC film, as colorful, multiple pattern, low cost, and light, heat-insulation, heat-preservation. PVC film, main material polyvinyl chloride, with some additives, plasticizer, color master batch, to be color transparent soft PVC film. We supply qualified normal transparent soft film, color is customized as PANTONE color.

  • Matte normal clear translucent soft vinyl film is very popular in lifetime. Matte normal clear soft vinyl film is with soft tactility, translucent, without sharp and glossy light, is benefit to the eyesight. We produce superior matte soft vinyl film, with different hardness 22P-60P, different color and different pattern to meet the different working conditions.

Our PVC Film are high quailty and in stock, POLYSAN is one of the manufacturers and suppliers from China.Welcome to wholesale PVC Film from our factory, we can offer free sample and customized service for you.