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We manufacture the industry’s broadest range of plastic products and develop new technologies to meet different working conditions.



We aim to be the world-class plastic products supplier.



We factory insist on high product quality, customer service and technical support.

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About Us

POLYSAN is the sub-company of LISHUI HONGYUAN PLASTIC CO., LTD., as the role of the international department for the international sales. POLYSAN company is engaged in designing and manufacturing many kinds of plastic film,polymer material products for more than 10 years, including PVC film, TPU film, TPU Hotmelt film, EVA film, EVA hotmelt film, car paint protection film PPF, PVC decorative film and plastic processed products. POLYSAN polymer material products are widely used in agricultural, military, industry and other applications, like electrical adhesive tape, package bag, decorative film, raincoat, curtain, table cover etc.
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